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Wishing a wish

29 Dec 2008 Author youNme
The way she walks – swiftly and majestically.
The way she smiles – it is absolutely pure and undiluted. And makes me spell out the deepest secrets of my heart.
The way she laughs – and the happiness that follows.
The way she speaks – a voice so soft that words might not have belong to her.
The way she looks – in her eyes I find the very meaning of life. In her I find myself and in her I lose too.
I love the every ways of hers:
The good ways, the naughty ways.
The simple ways, the complex ways.
The easy ways, the mysterious ways.
Even the wrong ways seems the perfect right ways.
I don’t know exactly when I first saw her. But I saw her and started to dream a thousand dreams. There was something in her that made me stare for a very long time.
My feet were rooted and could not move. My eyes never tired of looking at her. She was there walking and the winds playing on her silky hair.
For me she looked surreal. It was as if like – during a clear night a star chiseling its way out of the pale sky. She just looked different and that difference made my heart speak ceaseless of thing which my vocal could not.
For once I am at a loss for words. It is a strange and ethereal experience to think of her.
To put in words I doubt if I am able for I am neither a poet nor a writer. I find it impossible to convey what it feels like to think of her or to describe the completeness of my words when she is with me.
When she is with me it feels like god is with me. Just by thinking of her makes me feel safe, warm and good.
I heard that if we wish something from heart – every circumstance helps and makes it possible for our wish to come true.
So here I am – Wishing a wish that I really wish to wish.

3 responses to “Wishing a wish”

  1. Luzee says:

    I wish your wish comes true!

    Any girl of this description must be a perfectionist. No less, no more but God's perfect creation.

    You are a writer and poet too for you can bring out the beauty of everything in words and expressions.

  2. Tenzin Noriyang says:

    hhhmmm looks like someone found a true lover here. hehehe… hey its nice to read an article from u after so long… the words are too sweet to describe someone dat special in ur life. Wish i had the same control over words like u do.. happy new year…

  3. You Me says:

    Dear Luzee and noriyang,

    It is not the way I write but the way you see and feels it.

    It is because with your goodness that makes every thing around you seems good and beautiful.

    Anyways, thank you

    and be a gud gal.