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Wishing you all Nopkin members “Happy New Year”

31 Dec 2007 Author lion

When year 2008 dawns tomorrow, may the cloudy encounters of  the past disappear and be it a special day to rejoice the triumphs of your fruitful bygone days. May this new year present you a gift of beautiful life that will shine forever. May this new year bring you greater opportunities to do good and to share joy and happiness to your dear ones.

This is my heartiest wish, wishing you all happy new year seasoned with beautiful moments of joy, happiness and fulfillment!


With best wishes,


3 responses to “Wishing you all Nopkin members “Happy New Year””

  1. sangay tenzin says:

    Happy to be showered in the rains of New Year wishes and greeting from many of the members. All the more, let me also personally wish everyone, in the truest sense of the word, a very very happy new year 2008!!

  2. Pema says:

     Carma – When did you start becoming 'active' in "public"  ???? Happy New Year to you too and to all the Nopkins and Nopkinmos!

  3. observer says:

    thanks a lot and i wish u and the rest also a very happy new year…may all good things happen to all of you……..HAPPY NEW YEAR.