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Wonders of autumn season

20 Sep 2012 Author 89kg

I long to plug beautiful red roses
Blossoming exquisitely
Inflaming brightly
Dancing gracefully
Fading slowly
In the chilly autumn breeze

I long to fly like birds
Soaring freely
Singing mellifluously
Flapping consistently
Disappearing slowly
In the chilly autumn sky

I long to flow like rivers
Moving untiringly
Meandering silently
Speeding rhythmically
Journeying endlessly
In the chilly autumn courses

I long to touch the lovely crescent moon
Glowing luminously
Sauntering indifferently
Lighting serenely
Waning gradually
In the chilly autumn night

2 responses to “Wonders of autumn season”

  1. Kezang Dawa says:

    inspiring poet bring a splendid poem….i like it laa!!!

  2. Karma Gyeltshen says:

    thanx brother