Make Someone's Day!

Year 2009

30 Dec 2009 Author tpG

With the year 2009 coming to an end I am finally reminded of my age yet again. I know I am getting older everyday but there's no denying fact that I like the New Year's Eve and get-together with old friends.

The year 2009 has been in many ways a success to me. I have done well both professionally and personally. Academic wise I have secured distinction in degree and then I passed RCSC exams and also joined the work force in Bhutan.

I have learned many things, been to places and made many new friends. I had kept myself busy and things went up to my satisfaction. One year has made me a different person; I am in many ways improved, responsible and most importantly I have become better person now. I now observe that I have grown up as a person, for the right reasons.

I take this opportunity to thank god, parents, teachers, friends and everyone who's affected my life even in the slightest way possible. It's now time to make resolution for the upcoming year 2010.

But wait! Isn't resolution supposed to be a secret? Well last year my resolution was to lose weight but I wasn't much successful, it was something like 'mission impossible' but I am going to make many resolutions this New Year too.