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Yet another Earthquake!

31 Dec 2009 Author MyFEeLiNgs

We the Bhutanese are already in the dead of  September 21 2009, which shocked whole country leaving many people without home. And many tremors after that kept many people in the rural away from home just sleeping outside the house. Still constructions of home for those left homeless is underway, yet Bhutan experienced another shock at this time of hour and it really made bhutanese people to consider year 2009 as earthquake year. Many people in the urban will be calling their relatives at home/village perhaps shedding some shedding the plans of New Year eve. I am writing this amid busy call to my hometown in Monggar. okey lets see later.

2 responses to “Yet another Earthquake!”

  1. Bella says:

    hey even I called my sister at Mongar and parents at yangtse… Thank god they are fine but our house got some cracks on the wall…………

  2. Anonymous says:

    it always happens one day before special event. It means we no longer can rejoice on some special days. Well, it is not being pessimistic but we have many losars coming and we have to be careful and expect the worst as well.

    My sincere prayers for all Bhutanese.