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Articles by: Kezwaa

Phantom night

17 Mar 2015 Author Kezwaa

A woman sits in the bathtub of her two bed room apartment letting the water from shower slide down her body. The apartment is quite a lonesome one and nothing can be heard, accept the running of water from the shower. There were dishes in the sink that needed to be clean. The refrigerator has old food in the there that had mould on it, and milk that had expired already, water bottle and a half eaten sandwich. Was all that remind in the refrigerator .The women sat in the bath tub with her knees tuck into her chest with her chin resting on her right knee cap. She began to think of what is has happening beside the unlashed door.  “What I did…..was it right?” she thought to herself.  How can I live with wit I did, how can anybody live knowing that?” She continues to think to herself. Oh! Well, whats done is done. She said aloud before standing up in the shower.

She gets out of the tub, left foot first, then the right foot slowly. The water from her naked body drip on yellow rug she was standing on. She never like that rug always thought it was too bright. She walks over to the mirror and began to stare it not her own soul. She notices she has slit ends in her short blonde hair. She then began to shake her head trying to dry hair. She forgot it was blue towel behind her on the bathroom door knob. She reaches her right hand out to grab the towel. Her hand froze as she heard a soft knock at her apartment door.

Was I hearing things? Who would be knocking at my door this late? Was it my cat that would be pushing my door?  She thought to think to her confusedly.

Then she wraped the towel around her chest. It came down a couple inches before her knee caps. She than began to walk fast to the door with her barefoot. Water still dripping from her body onto the apartment gray carpet. She came to the front door, she peeped through the peephole to see who it was. She saw nothing. She shrugs her shoulder, and walk back to her bedroom. She gets to her bedroom and began to dry her body off with the towel wrap around her chest. She goes over to a her drawer, opens it, and puts on her bra and panties, a white small t shirt that came to her waist to tight and a pair of tight black jeans.

She then walks out her bedroom and into the kitchen; she opens the fridge, grab a water bottle, and her half eaten sandwich. She sits at the table, getting ready to her hands together to bless her food. But she heard another soft knock at the door. She gets up and walks angrily to the door this time.

This time she unlocks the lock and opens the door wide open with all her angry face. She looks around and saw nothing. But, she looks down and saw her. Her one and only daughter whose dead body was lying in the other room.

Oh! You are dead already, that’s all the women could say before the little girl hug her mother legs. “Mommy, there you are.” The little girl said in a comforting voice. I thought you tried to hurt me, isn’t that silly of me mommy. The little girl said looking up at her mother.

A Forbidden land regains it’s peace

11 Sep 2014 Author Kezwaa

Birds are happy
That the summer has came
Diving the winter livery
Trees regain to shed it leaves
Germinate a new;
Orchid bloom its own fragrance
Sky lark sings thro’ gifted tong
Through the wood and vales;
When spring rain touch a new leaf
It’s time to sow the seed
Forgotten brook regain it’ peace
Gurgle across the green valley
Framers set for the cultivation
With spade and hoe;
Pair of oxen were heavily yoked
Plough deep under the earth
To bring a new cultivation
Dripping sweat to each other’s hair
Razed body under the sun
Forbidden land begin cultivations
Sweating under the hardest of toil
Cricket whistle thru’ their sharp voice.
Under the whispering wind
Sparkling sweat to each other’s face
Birds sing through various tunes
Beside very corner of the field
Farmer can’t wait in peace.
Until their crop being harvested.

An Epic journey Of A Poet

22 Apr 2014 Author Kezwaa

A journey begins with
A thought in our mind
Words are chosen and formed

Lines of poem
Well written with meanings
With touch of emotions and expressions

A poet starts with
An inspiration of mind,
An aspiration in soul

With reflection
On our life experience
We start to
Compose some
Wonderful poetry

Expressing our innermost thoughts
With deep contemplation
To put them in verses

A journey begins when
A poet takes his imagination
To a place where
No one ever dreamed or imagined before

A poet’s journey ends by
writing another lovely poem
And a deep reflection

A poet remains
As a poet
When he or she
Continue to
Write and Share
lovely poems!

I wish to say adieu

15 Dec 2013 Author Kezwaa

I know I have something to say,
From my broken heart;
Though I am not romantic poet,
Who gives tears to the reader’s eyes?
Who feel pity to my poem?
The one who know my pain will laugh
A person who doesn’t have pain will never cry;
I know I cannot resist this pain;
After you have broken into pieces.
I know I am luckiest person to have this pain;
When my heart was in exceeding peace.
That you have already broken.
I don’t want to see you coming back
With your heart full of lie;
Now I don’t have any space left;
To keep you warm under broken apart;
When everything is left deserted;
I am only the one who endure with full of tears.
Under the rhythm of broken ache.
I am not happy with what you have given me;
Idol makes what I am;
I have no sleep no food nor drink.
From the day you have broken my heart.
I thank you for being teacher of my broken love;
Ye taught me how to taste the broken pain.
Now, my heart was broken beyond repair.
Reconcile is what I cannot now;
Why so many tears fall,
Why my heart bleed more.
Why my voice choked after you went away.
You can kill me at once;
Rather than keeping me in broken pain;
I am already killed by your desolate pain.
I don’t know what else is love?
Why love was born in other face.
I can’t blame god or you;
Why this happen to us between.
Faith alone can say.
Love begins after everything is broken.


20 Aug 2013 Author Kezwaa

Lying lonely under the shade of a lonely tree
Thinking over the past memory of forlorn days
When the evening shadow gather,
And I seek the lonely shore,
Where ‘oft we walk together
In those happy days of yore.
I seem to hear your words again
In the wave that softly break,
And in a sweet, sad tone she say,
ye, come for memory sake.
But now the leaves are dead and gone,
And all the trees are bare,
Still the place seems darer to my heart
It seems my sadness to share
To memory, dear is every place;
Where e’er your feet have trod,
The heart you crushed will never keep
Your image will remain in my heart;
Gone are thy smile for me, I know,
Thy words ne’er forget
I gave to thee my heart’s first love,
And it is with thee yet.
Thy smiles are for another now,
Thou words are for your deaf ear
And memory is the only friend,
That lives my heart to cheer.
So farewell to this gentle autumn breeze,
That fans this lingering spark,
Of pleasure that fond memory waves
In the heart of this poet.

The Night Vigil

20 Aug 2013 Author Kezwaa

The sun tilted toward the western horizon and cattle are returning to their sheds. It is becoming dark. A dusky blanket of birds fly away and cricket whistle from their secretive nesting site. The farmers are retiring after hardest toil in their fields. The brooks are gurgling over pebbles. There is an evening song bird like brain-fever echoed far across the distant forest. It is dark in Shilling.

Shilling is a tiny village, six and half hours walk and two and half hours drive from Yadi loops. It is located in the gentle slope overlooking the village of Balam and Jadung. Its house appears sprinkled with nine household and population of 33 peoples.

Seventy six years old Ap, Chhoten Tshering and his son Norbu Wangdi, 27, are assembling their cattle in the shed and tying the cattle in corner of the field. His house is made up by bamboo mats with plastic roof. Ap Chhoten’s wife died two years back in tragic landslide when she was fetching firewood from the grove. So there only three of them.

One of his brother goes to school in one of a remotest schools. “Soon it’ll get dark and we have to be there in the fields before the wild animals,” says Norbu Wangdi after drinking two cups of Ara. He never drinks Ara but this time the hardest toil made him drink to ease the backache. Before he leaves he called a neighbour to look for the missing cows.

Last whole night, Norbu Wangdi guarded the fields with bow and arrow. Each and every corner of the field was checked but wild boar had destroyed a portion of the maize in another side. Many fields in Shilling are kept fallow, because farmers have to give up fighting off wild animals. Ap Chhoten has been fed up guarding the fields. A few like Ap Chhoten have preserved grains in tiny wooden box and they wondered how they would survive till the new reap.

Norbu Wangdi is not like other men who keep silent. He own a power chain and gives for hiring to others. He earns some cash. Often times, Ap Chhoten has to seek help from neighbours to guard the field when Norbu goes to other place. Sometime Norbu guards his field empty stomach as there is not much to eat.

The next day Norbu was called for the Geog meeting so Ap Chhoten has to guard the field. It was becoming dark and Norbu had not come back from meeting. That night was terrible for Ap Chhoten. There was heavy rain and thick blankets of cloud cover the night. Then he peeped from top of the guard house and he saw something he thought was a tiger approaching the cattle shed. He tried to pull the tin which is hung over the branches of a tall tree to keep away the animals entering the field. Suddenly he saw a group of wild dog entering the cow shed. He sought help from some neighbours but did not listen to him as they didn’t have cattle.

The next day Ap Chhoten saw his cow was killed by a group of wild dogs. He becomes helpless and wonders how he will give reply to son when he comes back. He reports to the agriculture extension officer. Ap Chhoten takes the officer around his cowshed. One of his cows was killed near the field. Nagan was only his cow who gives more milk. Fortunately her calf had escaped unhurt.

The next day, Ap Chhoten’s son Norbu Wangdi returns after two days of meeting. Before he steps into the door he saw father crying. “Everything is over”, he weep looking through the window. Inside a hut supported by four thin tree branches and overlooking the entire maize field – are three thin planks, a thin old carpet, and some torn cloths to use as blankets and pillow.

Norbu went to guard the maize field again. The sound of crickets, beetles and other insects seems like a mani opera under the cold starry night. It’s 11:00 pm. Norbu wanted to make a fire but could not because the firewoods were wet. Then he started shouting to drive away the wild animals entering. The moon was too bright and could see everything. Norbu scans the fields every hour with bow and arrow.

The he gets up at 5:00 am. And get to work, milking cows, fetching fodder, and working in the garden. That morning time has already stuck to 7:00 am in the morning. Father was very worried about his son not coming on time. “Norbu, come and have breakfast,” father yelled peeping through the window. “I have boiled potatoes for both of us.” Potatoes are only main food for them. Some time they preserve a kg of red rice to give to visitors like gup and mangmey whenever they visit their house regarding wild animals’ issues.

The very next day his father becomes seriously ill and could not guard the field. Norbu has to look after his sick father. His father becomes worse day by day. He did not know what else to do with his father either to take him to hospital or to guard the field. Norbu seeks help from a neighbour to guard his field. Samten is the only good friend of Norbu who is really willing to help. He agreed to guard his field for few days only though. That night they guard the field together. Someone above them guarding a different field joins in. They shout into the field together to scare the animals. Then they sing songs and tell different stories to each other to keep away from sleeping. Although shouting was not enough, Samten, yanks at a long set of ropes tied to a bunch of tins on pole at the edge of the maize field. Although far, the noise could reach all the corners of the field. Samten says that, even when farmers set up traps, boars still come and snacks on their crops. Taps are useless, Kezang, added.

In between screaming and tugging at ropes, Samten thought his field might have lost to the wild animals. Then he try to petrol his filed at the same time together. There were many family members to share the work load. Of his two brothers Norbu wangdi is only one left at home to help his father. Ap, Chhoten Tshering is a well know man in olden days. He served as Army officer for more than forty years. He was settled in village after he was retired.

Ap Chhoten recovered from ill after long days of self treatment. It’s 2:30 am in the morning. Samten takes Norbu Wangdi around the field. They shout again together. The air has got chillier; they go back to their hut. “We have to keep pulling the rope whenever we’re awake,” And so he did, feeling glad to his friend Samten for helping in such needy situation. The next morning at 5:30 am. Samten went back to his home. Norbu Wangdi stays back continue his guarding routine. The field was untouched. But Norbu knew better. The boars, must be lingering near by the forest. They will be back by any time in the night.

Driving far and wide, and safely…

03 Jun 2013 Author Kezwaa

I am driving home…
Drive I must for myself and my family.
I did not wish to become driver in life
But fate had its plans for me to become one.
Speeding is not my liking at all,
For safety is my priority.
Speed is thrill but slow is safety.
Reckless drive I am not
And I haven’t hurt a being on the road.
I have had mishaps
But was not all my fault.
I can teach others how to be a good driver,
The tips to stay safe and be safe.
No matter wherever I have to go drive
I always come home safe,
And seeing smiles on my family’s face
To see me coming home,
Gives me the greatest joy.
And because my family depends on me,
I always remind myself that I should
Always be safe, drive safe
And reach home safe.


19 Mar 2013 Author Kezwaa

Oh! My precious Mother!
Where are you?
You were gone without a word of good bye;
Nor an epistle you have left to me.
Are you in the heaven watering the flower?
Like the dakinis looking at me.
With so many flowers blooming around you.
It’s not fair to leave someone behind
Who missed you so much.
I love to see your face from the very toddler;
Who love to rest on your sweetest breast…
As if like your own child.
You must be finding happy somewhere else
Enjoying along with someone’s holding hands
Eating with sumptuous meal.
Here I am landed in the absent of mother’s love;
Without mother is really a tragic sad.
Tears from the depth of some divine despair
Rise in the heart, and gather to my eyes.
That you could admire and bring into your home.
If you cannot feed on your lap, why did you give me birth?
I would have better died before leaving the womb.
Why I was born in this world?
World is the happiest place once you dwelled.
Nothing left once you gone are alone.
I am a vagabond! Without mother to see.
A mother abandoned.
I’ve searched high and low;
Through the window of my world
To find my long lost mom.
Where are you? Have I been had? Oh! Mother,
If you are there, why I am here?
Sat apart, my heart feels speared.
I walked every door though sunny streets
Thinking of you only! My mother.
Will you accept this pain I endure in the name of you?
Seems you do not care enough for truth.
For your child who left without much care of your love
Some mother loves sibling not much of difference
I miss you mother in the passion of love;
But in grief, and with my childhood’s faith.
Oh God! Help me to find my folk
And free my soul from all unspoken.
I may as well not be alive;
It’s like living without light.

Power to the People

18 Feb 2013 Author Kezwaa

Who serves the BPC?
Me, you, yet less or all of them,
Those who feel water is free,
Theirs be the power,
ours the generation.
We are the back bone,
We meet their demand
Once they had no power
Now their days the brightest burn.
We see all of modern civilization.
Standing tall on head lamps
When power was oscillate;
And a nation waited
Under the dark night of heaven.
BPC toiled hard through thick and thin
To bring forth the light of true brightness
So our nation must know,
What hardships one must overcome.
What choices must be made for change.
We must see the power in all its glory
And we must not pine for want for more
To the highest degree and greatest scope
Power is there for all to enjoy
Glowing in every house and town
down to distant shanty villages.
We take the power from mountain top
To tap its flow down in the valley
As feel another 10,000, Megawatts coming
Its is our hope to promise you light
To make your life and house bright,
We will light the lamp of love and happiness,
In every corner of our nation
That is our dream and our one and only goal,
Brighter your houses, happier your lives
We aspire to plant the seed of GNH,
Through socioeconomic prosperity,
That is the priority of our long journey
We will empower a green nation.
We love working endless house on the tower,
For the generous shower of progress.
We will generate money from that tower,
Always hoping for the best,
Making our dream a reality.

Poem by: Kezang Dawa
This poem was published in DHI, Melong Magazine.


14 Feb 2013 Author Kezwaa

Brake….brake…brake!!… My boss shouted at me when suddenly one of a rear wheels skidded on the ice. I shouted back to him, No… no… no…I can’t break it boss. Why…you bloody fool? He scolded me in very harsh words. Suddenly I pulled the brake pedal in every angle but could not stop from skidding. I told him it is not a god idea to put brake on ice otherwise there will not brake at all because I need the brake all the time ….Hahaha…you are very right my driver…he patted on my back with trust. You can driver as you wish now, we are out of danger. Once more I checked the brake and went on normal gear.


03 Feb 2013 Author Kezwaa

In the hands of impunity peace and happiness
Those hundred and two years of potentate ruled.
Through fortress of a faithful heart we are blessed?
Majesty shed energetic power to save our realm;
When father gave heart to its son shouldered a big helm.
Thy wondrous action was a legend born
Thou saga will move the lip of those dynastic pass
Roads and Bridge beneath everyone’s feet;
Health and education the seed of Gross national happiness
What ye sow is we shall reap in good yield
Your innocent eyes speaks the words of epitome;
Where people shower with peace and harmony,
Lucky are we born in such regal country;
Let’s pray for the king, let’s plight of true prevail
In the warm hand of our young sapient king,
People shall rejoice with all hope and aspiration;
Thou glorious Weapon was the country in peace.
Security; is more than my life’ ye oath Tsa-wa-sum
Folded hands thru ye charm heart hero vowed;
When unexpected disaster hit the tragic night we stood,
Swept the roof by the wind;
Many injured some died every things was crocked;
Left homeless night in the darkness biting cold;
Seek home shed in the biting ground
Dream to see lord king;
Eyes filled in blur voice laden with equanimity worry;
Traumatized event left the nation under immense tragic sad
Everyone of my happy hour left in the grave a funeral pyre;
Where people celebrate lament tears in each other’s lap
Soul-deep in vision king appear when all in desperately need;
Impetus command to against threats military action;
Thou pay the price walked along; the needy home shed.
Witnessed those affected victim behind damaged,
Shelter for vagrant insist for further necessary action.
Gave the life of survival to stand to see them with today;
Blessing and prayer arouse from many peoples.
Prayer flags stand to flutter let departed soul rest in peace;
In all essence of true heart all we grieve in chanting prayer.
Through thy kind heart a grant reverence was bestowed
Every footstep he made was in all compassionate sorrow.
Through thy pitiful eyes broke people’s sorrow into happiness day.
Let’s bring back that happiness returned those sorrow.
I apologies those victim; to accept my hearty commiserate forgiveness.
All we shall pray to god worship our sapient kings.
Thou shall bless us through thy solicitous heart,
Shower us with peace and happiness more than what we have now.

Save a soul, stop eating meat

31 Dec 2012 Author Kezwaa

Even the blunt knife can give a deadly cut
But rhythm of pain lasts forever,
Eating with meat is a sumptuous dish
That tough our boneless tongue;
But do you ever realize where this meat comes from?
We should think of someone’s death
Sinner will never find the way to nirvana
Nirvana the longest journey never trodden
The man who cut the throat of speechless animals
Never feels that he has won the battle
Never think that you are the hero among heroes
We should feel his pain in our eyes
To take the life of someone
When the knife is risen in the air
The animal must have shivered with fear
You must know the pain he felt
“Pity is like kindness to self;
Compassion feel for ever one else”.
The one who have killed in front of us
It could be your oldest mother from previous karma
Born through the void from the hardest toil
We can cut in every angle from tip to the horn
Find taste down to fill the stomach
But we can’t measure the depth of pain
When is your death?
You cannot predict what will come next
Ask this question before you raise the knife in the air
Before your knife spring to action there.
We should hear the voice of pity before the death
Every hollow of their throat is just helpless
I wish small wound can be your deadly pain
Why not for animal think about it a bit;
What will you do if that knife stuck on your neck?
Or will you be happy see your mother
Stuck under the edge of the knife?
Mercy is only the way to safe the life of another
Will you help or abandon the killings?
This slaughter can’t quench the thirst of the killer
Getting rebirth is not an easy task
Thousand years will become a night in the hell,
The mighty said!
In the hell of shortest journey ever made.
Give them a chance and let us free them from death
Give up from sleeping under the sharpened knife;
None can stop you from eating meat
But at least find the safe place from being killing.
Let’s stop eating meat
May this humble prayer reach the mysticism.
Let us safe the life of those who are dying.
We eat meat under the force of our ruthless urge for taste.
This poem is made for those who eat meat
Not necessarily those who kill with blunt knife.


My Love that was

26 Nov 2012 Author Kezwaa

Her face was as bright as the morning sun, her hair silky black and her eyes sparkling like stars which made me fall for Yangchen at the very first sight. But though she was beautiful, I felt something was absent in her. Finally I discover that she never wore a smile, as if mourning someone’s death. Sometimes, along the way, I thought to tell her about of my love but I dared not.

Many days passed; still I could not share my feelings. One day, with a little help from my friends, I wrote a letter. I patiently waited for a reply but none came. I wrote time and again but she never responded. At last, I decided to give it my last shot, I wrote: “This is my last letter and if you don’t accept, I’m never going to fall in love with anyone else in my life. Even if you marry, I’ll go on loving you, I swear. Please accept me. I love you.”

One afternoon, a friend appeared at my class door with a small chit for me. On it was inscribed: “I’ve accepted your proposal” That threw me on top of the world. Thereafter we started talking to each other and grew friendly but rarely went to walks through I’d often ask her. I never saw a smile on her face even once.

One day, unexpectedly, she called me out for a walk. We went out and on that days I saw a smile on her face for the first time. She was so happy she caught my hands and we walked a long distance. We shared everything we felt. The road was silent and sky above was bright with stars. She repeatedly said that she loved me as much as I did.

Earlier, she’d spend not more than an hour with me but that night she never cared about the time. At midnight, I reached her home. I wondered why she was so happy. A few days passed without any contact between us. Then one day, missing her madly, I called her but she was out of touch. I made several calls but, as soon as I got through, she switched off her mobile. Finally, I was able to contact her through my friend’s cell phone. In a sad voice, she said that she didn’t love me anymore. She was in love with another, she said, asking me not to disturb her. I felt very sad. I called again but she refused to reply. Again, through my friend’s phone, I managed to contact her but she did not give me a chance to speak. Instead, she showered harsh words on me. “You’re no better than a beggar. Don’t try to create problem between us. I don’t love you, so don’t even dream of me and don’t try to create problem with me and my boy.”

It was the unkindest words that I felt inside me and I was bit shocked too. I tried to forget her but she was by then deeply rooted in my heart. It was not easier said than done. My friends felt for my plight and took me out sometimes. They repeated told me, “Love the one who loves you, not the one whom you love.” But for a long time I could not follow that advice. Finally, through, I succeeded.

A month later, while my mother and I were having breakfast, there was a call. Mom received it and, after listening for a few seconds, she dropped the phone saying, “Yalama kencho sum!” I asked what was wrong, and she said, “Your friend has just passed away.” Before I could say another word, she went inside to change. Again there was a call. “Oye, tell your mom to come fast; you better come too.” I recognized the voice it was Yangchen’s father. When we reached there, her Mom was sobbing very loudly. In one corner there was a butter lamp burning. Her father and younger sister were also sobbing. My Mom started crying too. I felt for Yangchen too though her harsh last words still echoed in my mind. It was time to forget and forgive. I felt like crying too but resisted. She was lying on her bed lifeless. I pulled her pillow to make her comfortable by raising her head.

Under the pillow I found a letter addressed to me.

My dear sweetheart, I rejected your letter several times in the beginning, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to give you happiness since I was suffering from blood cancer. I’ve lived in a gloomy world due to my disease, counting my days. I accepted your proposal at least just to please you. On our last date together I had terrible pain and knew that my last days were coming. Later I spoke harshly to let you erase me from your heart. Forgive me. I will love you forever. Yours Yangchen.”

That night, disturbed, I went for a walk, where we had gone before. I turned and saw her in the air waving. I thought I was hallucinating, rubbed my eyes. When I looked again, she was gone. A full moon in the middle of the sky and dark solitude were there to accompany me.


14 Nov 2012 Author Kezwaa

None could stop her
Time just went in tarring hurry
Pouring some sadness in my heart
When to recover those broken pain
Coldness is only from winter
Nor the summer can’t be?
Since winter wind cool away my bliss.
That I have sent to her;
I know you are there before the sun set
But never to be found in the day light
Knowing what was coming
I took a run up to find thou
Put my head down
And hurtled sweep away
The last few days when hurt me
Like some athlete trapped,
Trying to sidestep grief of lone
Beside my heart that save my shone
And yet here I am again
Waiting for you to come
after four busy days
Waiting was just abandoned
and nights of minimal sleep
writing another poem of loss
The pain of longing.
The tears still came
From core heart of my lonely man
and the dreams of course
Never let me sleep in peace
Can’t resist the pain of a lonely day
Come and wipe my tear
That I have wept for you night and day.
Come back to me to share my love.

Kezang Dawa


21 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

It took me by surprise when I received a call from my friend Lungten saying our friend Sherab was diagnosed with liver failure. It could be me I thought to myself since I also drink with them when we get together. The stuck of the pain entered in my mind when I saw another Rock beer standing in front of my table. Actually the size of the bottle does not matter but how much it is left to fill another glass. Before I could finish another bottle Lungten again called me with anticipation. He told me that Shreab was going to be admitted to the Thimphu hospital. The doctor had arranged ambulance to carry him to Thimphu the next day. He asked me to escort him to Thimphu because he himself was not very well as we was also suffering from some sort of chest pain. I agreed.

The next day we processed to Thimphu in the ambulance. Our journey began from the very early morning. The ambulance was well equipped with oxygen. The driver was so kind and helpful to reach us Thimphu very safely. The road was nice but several blocks made us reach Thimphu bit late in the evening. The time was exactly 5.30 pm when we reached the hospital. I saw the several ambulances in queue in front of the hospital to get off the patients who were all diagnosed with liver problem. I was bit afraid when I came to hear of another similar patient as my friend Sherab. I heard some doctor murmuring to me aside that the jobs for doctors have drastically increased. Most of the patients were because of liver failure.

Hours later another doctor came near me and asked what happen to my patient. He asked me time and again. Is he a chronic drinker, asked the doctor. I don’t know doctor I replied. Do you drink? Yes I do sometimes I replied. This word broke me into eerie silence in front of the nurse. You will become like him if you drink. These words brought me into terrible realization. The doctor asked the nurse to take my patient into emergency ward and get the result as soon as possible. After the CT scan was done he was found that his kidney was about to fail. The doctor rushed immediately to the emergency room and asked him to put injection. Hours hours later we were asked to take him to the medical ward for treatment. Without any further delay we took him to the medical ward. I looked at him and he was still senseless lying beside me and he looked all yellow all over the body. He was suffering from jaundice too, I was told. He was then admitted to the ICU ward.

The next day his pulse raised beyond limit. I asked the doctor what would be the solution to bring back him normal life. Again doctor nodded his head to him and told me that it was too late treating him. He said he was sorry and took the last breathe and went to attend another patient. They drove him again to the ICU ward without any delay and placed an oxygen musk on his face. After week in the ICU my friend Sherab died.

Thus I say drinking is bad for health and it puts your whole life into great risk.

Give Yourself, this Moment

17 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

Old helpers are gone.
Your body falters.
Nothing will get easier.
Give yourself this raindrop
at the tip of a leaf.

Long cherished, your project
will not be. Your purpose
is dust. The soul garden
withers at dusk. Give yourself
this last lit tendril.

Behind the ruins
of your storied life
find your counting house
of happiness: sip of sky…

Taking away my bliss

02 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

Oh! My happiest moment
Went with the cool breeze
That blew away all my bliss
Forbidding my eyes in tear.
I have pain of you going away from me
With the wind so cool
Without a word of good bye now,
leaving behind tragedy
under the depth of despair.
Nothing is stronger than that wind
Who gave me the pain of tear
Left me in the land of deserted
I wish I won’t let her to go away
From my heart and soul
she is the powerful women to go
Far and wide high and low
From the depth of my heart
I am the looser in the battle of love
That I have waited for long
Nothing can stop my tear to fall
No logic can describe how much I love her
Not any prophecy can hold my love
No strongest medicine can cure my pain
That I will keep crying
Until I finish my tear from my heart
You will remain forever in my eyes
Feel through my heart wherever you go.
Nothing is wrong you went with a wealthy man
I shall remain poor in this world
Like the man who does not have home
I shall see what you do henceforth
Where you feed….
But my love shall always behind you
Where ever you go……

Kezang Dawa

Uncertain love – Part II

01 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

You cheated on me and broke my heart
Made me cry each night and day
If you think I will let you do it again
I will simply say – no way

I know you won’t change your ways
So it is worthless to try
Where did I go wrong with other
Just answer me, why did you break my heart?
My love, my emotions and feelings mean nothing to you
So you care nothing about breaking my trust

This relationship is a farce
It has just gone bust
You were the love of my life
The one I so happily married
Now it seems like a total lie
I just so well carried
This is one aspect of your life
Which I can never bring a change to
You will always be so indifferent
And if I don’t change I will always be blue

Your pretence of love brings a smile to my heart
And that is all I care and expect from you
She is the sole concern of my life now
One I can truly die for

I will tell you I love you each day
But be assured I don’t mean it anymore
The boy you married has been lost forever
He can never be like before

I am the practical sensible husband you wanted
Who will not ask any questions to me
Any further revelations will make me sad
And that will make no difference to me

Your nature cannot change
A fact I am trying to accept
Even after all this I forgive you
You are in no emotional debt

I will walk without you
until my journey begins
with sweat all over my feet
Broken pain in my heart.
This is just beginning of love
Ending has not yet followed.

You have messed our relationship completely
One I can never remake
I am just pretending to love you
You absolutely mean nothing to me
I have just left you for yourself
And you can just let me be

So hubby here it is out in the open
What I feel for you just written in black and white
My life is just mine and mine alone
And you are not my princes bright

With all the miseries that you gave me
I have emerged stronger than before
I know you can never be truly mine
And honestly I don’t want you anymore
With god between us I oath,

Uncertain love – Part I

01 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

If you say you love me
I know this is the biggest lie
That you ever told me
You feel nothing for me
Then why do you even try

You make me miserable
And you make me weep
Am just not comfortable
Don’t know if this relationship
is for sake of keeps

You just want a face to show the world
And that is all that I am to you
you have made me your husband
But I and my happiness means nothing to me

You are the one who is wrong
And you try to deteriorate my morale more and more
My love too is vanishing
Sad to say but I love you no more

You hold my hand and I feel nothing
And I feel pathetic about this
There was a time you meant everything
And that feeling I truly miss

Thought this life with you would be a joy ride
But am left empty handed
You are the one I wanted by my side
And you are the one who left me stranded

I cribbed and cribbed
About all the wrong you did to me
But when I saw it made no difference to you
I have come to believe it means nothing to me

I wanted to be happy with you
But you shattered the love in me
You betrayed, tortured and hurt me
Enough… it’s high time you set me free

Sometimes I want to feel the love for you
But it just isn’t there
Your actions have just erased it all
My heart is blank and your name is not written anywhere.
Unfortunately my heart believes in no second chances
Unlike my brain it just would not beat the same way anymore
But I will still pretend to love you
Sadly you can never again touch my heart’s core
You are a habit for me
Not the love of my life
Like I am a burden to you
And not your husband

I have come to stay with you
Because I love you so much more than you
Without the true love from your heart
there won’t be any true love
Your philandering sins are for you to bear
Am neither a party to it nor concerned about them any more
Your ignorance no longer makes me angry
It no longer makes me sore

How can I ever forget your face…

01 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

How can
I ever forget your
Bewitching face?
Since you are
already rooted in my heart.
It was just like
a star when
I saw you at first sight;
It seems I am only
the one who has
fallen in love with thou.
I have nothing to give
rather than seek your true love;
That you fill my heart with a beam
of pleasure in every corner of my heart;
Though I am poor boy
in your eyes;
But I am rich in loving you.
Through all my heart
To ensure my true love
I swear I can give you my life
In front of you I really swear.
Every blink of your eyes
Left me in the dream world,
where I wished I am truly in love
Become sleepless night
every sumptuous meal
become tasteless without you,
My heart cannot resist the thrill;
That you have given me,
your company.
Then broken
my heart into become potent love
Into the beautiful median like thy;
From where to start my
Speech and explore the theme
of my passion.
Now, i cannot stay
a single day without seeing you,
Nor a single minute to leave
you behind;
I always keep looking in your heart
you would change your love
And left me back
Whenever you are there in my eyes
I become happy beyond measure.
Your kindest piece of love
Always nurtures  my heart
Wherever I go alone.
To ensure our true love
I write this poem to insure the
True meaning of love
In the heart of a girl,
Whom I have loved a lot.
Kezang Dawa